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  • CattyDog reply Nice view Suit!
  • Sock_Puppet reply I deliberately would had said nothing and waited to the end of the year to do a "Hate mail" video, where all these retards could be addressed all at once..I bet you would have received some crackers that would make an entertaining video.
  • whitezombie reply Someone send you something, waited 5 days and then send another mail telling you to get bent. Nice, real nice person. Suit do they have an idea of the load your inbox has? 30K subs. A mail from a third of them, a minute to browse the mail, that 's like 7 days doing nothing else! Some people are retards!
  • MarzieMalfoy reply Not necessarily the same situation but yeah.. I get those too.
  • The_Lamb reply Well said and to the point Suit. I would have said the same thing/s! Cheers.
  • AceAcer2 reply So people think you don't have a life are they? Even me when i send e-mails or dms to someone i don't even expect them to reply shortly much less replying right away. That kind of fans are too "edgy" to deal with. You have better things to do than to deal with that kind of person.
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