🏜️Desert of Death 💀Ⓐ

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  • [ – ] GeorgeMcGee reply First, thank you for not immediately deleting that person's comment. You show your fairness when you hear others opinions out. The people of Mexico are mostly Christians, and so, are my brothers and sisters. I truly do love them. But they must not come here illegally. It exposes them to the harm described in this video. It makes them the "bad guys". They need their own version of the Trump revolution to Make Mexico Great Again. They could have a happy Mexico they would not want to leave if they could wipe out corruption in their own government. I am aware that some migrants are Muslim or worshipers of "Holy Death" and they will never be welcome for they are part of the problems Mexico must deal with or sink further into despair. Mexicans, stop coming here illegally. Rid your people of the criminal scum that has stained you and make Mexico a place I would want to move to. If you come to America, vote Democrat and take Azatlan back, you will soon find your children raped and killed by...more the Muslims who will follow you into the defeated United States. If you win, you lose. Besides, you must face 50 million battle hardened, heavily armed militia with higher I.Q.s than you have. @MAGA
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