YouTube Demotivation

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  • [ – ] ALPachiro reply Yup, I agree with all of this. Sometimes I feel like just giving up, But, I found vidme and it has inspired me to at least give it another try.
  • [ – ] duffy reply was waiting for a comedy video, then you brought up all these really cogent points. glad to have you here on vidme. i know it's smaller here, but the community is great and the chance to be seen is way higher!
  • BrianAiya reply You are mature to say "relative demotivation" People think that because someone with more subs is happier, but in reality they might be look up with someone bigger. I am glad that we found Vidme to remotivate us and give us that push.
  • GauteAnimation reply Think I got my YT around 8-9 years ago. It was dead on arrival. Animation an YT does not go well with each other. 24 subs, and also lost 14 instant once. The YT subscriber glitch of doom.
  • MarredStudio reply yep, 5 yrs on youtube, still stuck a 6 subs, made a vidme account the day it went live and got past that in a few months, now im at a healthy 7 followers.., lol, but hey im just glad to have any followers/subscribers, and appreciate it more then words can convey.
  • MaitreMarkScully reply what drives me away from youtube to vidme is that any search for any subject on youtube gives 10000000000000 vids to choose from, anything good is lost in the shite. So, vidme is good for me cause there is less rubbish disguising the good stuff.
  • [ – ] ExploringFriesland reply Well said that fella. ;-)
  • [ – ] dancrivelli reply I look at it differently man, when I look at channels with more views I think of it as a challenge. AKA I get my competitive boots on and start working on my own content. Therefore I am not demotivated I am motivated.
    • [ – ] OroCrimson parent reply I imagine it's more difficult though when you find that you're competing and losing to content that's inherently inferior or at least took significantly less effort.
      • dancrivelli parent reply While people are figuring out if other content is better/worse/less effort/more effot. I am working on myself. I am comparing if my video today is better then my video yesterday. That's just me though, we are all different.
  • BenjiJames reply This was a great video, dude :) Brought up some extremely valid points and i'm sure alot of people will be able to understand where you're coming from when talking about being excited over 10 subs and 300 views, etc etc. I remember when i got my first hate comment - i made a video on it, without a care in the world because of reasons that i didn't realize at the time entirely, but now i know why... it's because i honestly just was too happy to care about the negative. the fact that he took the time to write what he wrote, got me motivated to do the same for him - so i called him out on many aspects of his comment that were just flat out "what the...?" moments when reading lol Subbed to the YouTubes, and upvoted and followed here ;) Keep at it, man. You'll get there
  • RottenEgg reply Shit I am lucky to get a hundred views on a video. I don't know what the hell is going on with youtube but at the same time I can't get caught up with the views and subs so it may take a little more effort and may take a little more time but I want to make the show I want to make with craftyarts. no matter what this is the show I want to see so I make it. Good luck,
  • [ – ] XanderFlicks reply I feel you on this man. I've thought about this "relative demotivation" theory before, and it's a good thing to think about when you're focused on growth (or lack thereof.) Good video man. Keep on truckin!
  • Howesenberg reply I would say try to push aside the negative feelings of not being recognized because it will show in your content, you have to think of YouTube as a creative outlet and if people happen to like it then awesome! the second you turn into the representation of what you want in life it will make you feel crappy.
  • [ – ] MarioTube101 reply I'm kinda on the same boat to be honest. Except they're slightly for different reasons that even I don't know how to explain. A couple years back I would be able to edit a video for the rest of the day after school. And for about a year or two I lost that motivation. I'm starting to figure out a solution to that problem though so that's good! There's kind of a charm to not having a lot of subscribers ya know? Plus I seem to get away with more of YouTube's bullshit when it comes to copyright. A win for me kind of.
  • [ – ] ElvisMusicGlenPage reply Well made video sir. Thanks.
  • [ – ] aaliyah_holt1995 reply I have videos in 720p that barley pulled 10 views so I am starting to think quality doesn't matter
    • TheManGuyFella parent reply I meant the actual entertaining content produced and the detail of what happens in the video and stuff like that, not essentially video quality in terms of compression and resolution.
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