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  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply i dont make selfies because im ugly
  • [ – ] UncleFishy reply I take selfies but it's only for me to remember what I look like
  • UncleFishy reply Phuc yea coddled and brought up to be little pussies everybody's got to be a fucking winner losing makes real winners losers lose enough times you become a winner
  • [ – ] Howesenberg reply I used to get as angry as you about the decline of society as I once saw it but the anger eventually starts to affect the relationships you have with family and friends. Instead of looking to lash out at what we can't control (a generation of young people) we must look to what we can control, our understanding . Because when you have kids of your own if you want them to take the best path, you need to guide them emotionally on how to react to peer pressure and self image in a world that is quickly separating reality from the superficial. I hope you don't see this comment as an attack on your opinion I just sense a lot of anger and I can relate to my previous state of mind.
    • PervertPete parent reply Oh, I agree 100% with you & I take no offense ;) The thing is, my audience likes when I get "triggered" so I gleefully rant about whatever subjects they throw at me :)
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