TL;DR - These Folks Don't Understand History

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  • yourvagismysafespace reply It's always amusing when nigroids lay claim. Crying about being oppressed is totally their creation, & that's about it. Their freedom, bestowed upon them by over 600,000 dying for it. Their equality granted onto them by whites, & that still wasn't enough, thus affirmative action & quotas were made. When the nigroids leave, letting them take what they falsely claim as theirs is a small, no insignificant price to pay. However if we taxed them on the way out & confiscated everything that they believe is theirs, but has it's origin in white technology, they would be leaving naked. Imagine their shock when the reality that anything that has been created because of, electricity, machinery or is of an inorganic material is the sovereign property of whites. Everything that exists because of the white's advancement of mathematics and chemistry would have to be relinquished, besides being naked, any surgical procedures would need to be reversed, inoculations would need to be voided, hell even t...moreheir fillings would have to be removed. The closest comparison to their ridiculous lies would be if gorillas were claiming that Koko invented sign language. I am curious has to how they propose to take music(which seems to be what they are the most concerned with) when all that they have named has been created by using instruments of white creation. The process of recording, as well as any storage of said recordings are all based on white inventions. Hope they enjoy the beat boxed singalongs during their slow row home. I do wonder how they will navigate those non seafaring boats on that long voyage.
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