RE: Transgenderism Is a Mental Disorder!

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  • [ – ] Jesser1975 reply You are smarter than you realize. Transitioning is a a treatment. You're the first one say it in a way that I am able to comprehend. I hope they can develop other treatments. I have a cousin who is also a very dear friend of mine. She's too sickly for hormones and surgery. If we could find a treatment that would make just having long hair and painted nails enough to cope with it, I'd be perfectly happy. I fear for her life some days.
    • DanicaLee parent reply Yeah I wish there were alternative treatments for people who can't or shouldn't transition but the trans activists take personal offense to people having options
  • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer reply I pretty much agree. Basically, the brain is miscommunicating with the body, so that is a type of mental disorder. It's not normal, and it's something that should be treated. I'm just wondering if the surgery and the side effects is all worth it, or if more people should be treating it like a disorder instead of normalizing it, and actually finding a proper treatment just like with other mental disorders. People that want to be cats or 12 year old girls clearly have a mental disorder, and I think this is no different. However, transgenderism seems to be a much more common thing so maybe there is more to it.
    • [ – ] DanicaLee parent reply If there was a pill I could have taken to avoid all the emotional shit, half the world and my family hating me, surgery, recovery, hormones, money spent, etc I'd have done that instead. I'd be dominating some industry by now probably if I hadn't have had to deal with all of that first. However until an actual non-invasive treatment comes around this seems to work best. I mean I have no regrets myself, I'm so happy with myself right now, I'm just saying I'm fundamentally lazy and a pill would have been much easier
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