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  • [ – ] openyourmind reply Is there any way I could get access and share them please? A lady friend of mine works as a translator and was out of the country when the London Hoax took place. I really wanted her to see those two in particular. I pissed myself laughing when I watched Tony Davies acting, it was even funnier on the second and third viewings; and the other one is fascinating as it summarises how Joe Public is brainwashed. She's really intelligent, speaks five languages, but is out of the loop on the false flag agenda. I don't actually know what is meant by a totally private channel as I'm somewhat technologically retarded. Can you help?
    • Hoaxashian parent reply there are many others channels that deal with the same topic such as UK critical thinker, Avalon etc , i presume peekay truth has also covered it
  • [ – ] openyourmind reply Hi, I think your videos have been removed from youtube, the "Beyond Bullshit" featuring actor Tony Davies and the one ob how they condition the public.
  • [ – ] PTWatch reply Im Paul Taylors biggest fan. And most long term fan. Not a fucking lightweight newcomer like you.
  • [ – ] PTWatch reply Thumbs up dude.
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