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  • sandia_mesa_mlh reply While getting endorsed by bigger creators is kind of nice, I think you should rather grow organically through getting involved in the community and of course, natural progression. If a bigger creator wanted to endorse me, they shouldn't have to pay me to do so because I feel that people will enjoy me more if I'm not shoving my channel down their throat. Plus, the creator needs the right spirit in order to voluntarily endorse another creator. By that, I mean that they shouldn't do it for the monetary reward, but rather, out of simply liking what content I make. - Sean King
  • msperfectparadox reply The optimist in me would like to say that one would not have to pay to go/move forward. The pragmatist however thinks that unfortunately it's looking that way. I would like to think that there are still bigger channels with content creators that are willing to shout out or bring on collaborators without "pay-to-play" conditions but I honestly don't know how many of those are left. I'm sure if one looks hard enough, waits around, and mixes with enough people/contacts I'm sure one can find someone eventually! I think it's a matter of whether or not the channel can handle the red zone (drops in subs) or the constant stagnation to their channel. Also, I think what's not being discussed is what's tied to the sub count which is money. I think that's what's honestly at the root of all this. Money, money, money, and money. What's really come out in the wash of all of this is who is doing this for money and who is doing this for the love of actually doing videos. What we are truly witnessing...more are people's true colors of "Oh I'm just doing videos cuz I love it", and "Where's my money YouTube" since the ad apocalypse. YouTube never promised anybody anything. You guys are subcontractors. I know this sounds harsh and I know I'm not a YouTuber. However, I am a subcontractor with a company and I know that at any time I can either get let go or my hours can disappear with no notice. So believe it or not, I can empathize with that stress. I just really hate an attitude some people get of entitlement that a company owes somebody something when they don't owe anybody anything (especially when they didn't promise anybody anything to begin with)! Ok, rant over I promise.
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