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  • jakers reply Yeah its still pretty good for a time envolving film. And there's not that many, anyways. I liked it for its time... pun unintended.
  • [ – ] fireballtim reply Hey, I Storyboarded that movie. It was cool.
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Was this uploaded onto here first and not youtube? If so awesome!
  • ProfessorDetective052996 reply They also did Good Burger. Never Forgive, Never Forget!
  • troopcaptain97 reply Heil! Critic!
  • Spriggsy reply Big YouTube channels don't need to be coming over here to vidme. You guys are going to choke out smaller channels here.
  • RockNReviews reply This is one of those movies that I vaguely remember seeing, but couldn't actually remember any details about...
  • lostgodling reply Huh, been a few years now since I checked out anything from the Critic... and I'm pleasantly surprised. Feels like quite the return to form. Which is a mildly pretentious way of saying this was amusing as fuck. I actually wasn't sure that this movie has existed after my younger siblings had bugged our mother to rent this once, having never heard anyone speak of it again ever again after that weekend. Anyone ever notice that Nick Brendon only ever seemed to have one character, and it's always Xander Harris?
  • mightypwnage reply "A mid-life crisis on the bottom half of Bill Murray" has got to be one of the best lines I've consumed with my ears.
  • LIBERTYSWF reply Dr. Kelso was funny enough also in an episode of TNG. Might as well have a Star Trek reference counter.
  • Allegus reply Great to see you on VidMe! Fantastic video as always!
  • reluctantvidmeuser reply This return to the old Nostalgia Critic format is rather refreshing. The skits switch from aid to distraction rather easily.
  • [ – ] Anime_Freak_Vidme reply I saw this film when it came out and remembered it screwed with my head! If they're just moving really fast then why doesn't the ground super heat or objects bend before they move?
    • reluctantvidmeuser parent reply Something a little like that came up in a Dune squeal. The hero could move in an accelerated time frame but was prone to injuring himself if he pressed to hard against anything.
  • TaroKun reply I even knew this movie sucked when I saw it when I was young. That didn't happen often.
  • internetgho5t reply how dare you talk about blink like that
  • YamiryuuZero reply It was quite a nice movie. Yeah, you can point out its flaws, the biggest one being a Nick movie, but it was fun to watch.
  • saucesspoon reply This is a better story then Quantum Break.
  • Nick_Kurtz reply This is a better story then Quantum Break.
  • neo4812 reply you wanna know whats weird i keep forgetting the name for this movie but not the movie it self
  • RPGenius reply I remember watching this in grade 2, good times.
  • TheGamingCentaur reply Bow to Kira, the New God of this World! ....or, at least that's what I think the main character would say at the end of the movie.
  • CaptainDeci reply I'm surprised he didn't have any 3rd Rock references. "Incoming message from the big giant head!"
  • Game_Speakr reply Oh god i remember that film, Not one of the ones i liked much haha
  • JBFNY428 reply I remember seeing this and while my sister loved the young Male Protagonist, me on the other hand was so BORED TO TEARS I WAS IMAGINING JOEL, MIKE & THE BOTS RIFFING THIS ONE TO BITS AND PIECES!
  • TheHeroOfTomorrow reply *sees description* Thank GOD, I actually like this movie.
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