👺 Russell Brand MAYDAY! MAYDAY! 👺 Do You Trust Him ❓ Well I'll Show You Why You Shouldn't ❗❗

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  • t0mcahill reply #fearporn's one thing but what about the #McCannPhase2 #HatePorn where they're now getting everyone to turn on them and how they've had some people raging at them about their alleged role in the death of their alleged daughter for over ten years? That's something I'm seeing now as important. Have you noticed some of the idiotic---yet not pulled as ludicrous---stories they put out in some obscure way just getting by as plausible 'real news' about the subject? It's their best bit of distraction hoax news that's not based on anything yet that I've ever known about anyway.
  • Omnia777Mentis reply Fabian mofo he is and get ready for the next Blandish sentence, I can sense you squirming in your seat.... : Your ontological intellection and erudition on such a recondite phenomenon is worthy of some rather twatish words Cip. Them word things generate a lot of power, but your thinking always beats them, spot on fella :)
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