Rose-Play S12: E30: Let's Play Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Part 30

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  • [ – ] YungJ reply oh snap I can't believe I haven't read your descriptions to the videos lol I'll follow you on twitch now
    • [ – ] Aurian_MoonRose parent reply I can honestly say I think the descriptions are the thing most everyone does ignore. I've seen people just not write anything down there with such the feriousity of ignoring lol. I try to make them a little entertaining for those who do read it. Also much appreciated, Not sure If you'll catch me but if you do that would be cool to chat with you while we game ^_^. Just to let you know tho a little ahead on Twitch started Season 13. So different game now. Lastly I'm a little everywhere: Twitch, YouTube,, Damnlag. So you can always get a little piece of Rose-Play if you ever need the fix ;) lol.
      • [ – ] YungJ parent reply That's good that you're on multiple platforms. "Don't put your eggs in one basket" type thing. Haha
        • Aurian_MoonRose parent reply Yup, the most important thing to me is that my content gets out there. Doesn't matter if people notice, watch, or anything as long as it is there for them just in case, and I've always considered myself a Content Creator than just a person of one site lol. Yes, a Great saying for this situation. ^_^ ;) muhahaha lol.
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