CNN does not understand how too compare things it seems

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  • Ockhams_Cannon reply Imagine a group of children who have surrounded a dog. It's an ugly dog. It's a smelly and otherwise unpleasant dog but it has not attacked or hurt anyone. Further imagine that these children are throwing stones at the dog and poking it with sticks. Imagine that they are using urine and feces and chemicals and make shift flame throwers to torture the dog. Imagine that they have been torturing this dog for hours. Also imagine that the parents of these children and other adults are watching over the spectacle, but instead of curbing and correcting the children's behavior they are actually allowing it to happen. Even encouraging it. Finally imagine that the dog snaps under the stress and attacks one of the children.. Let's say that the child dies from the injuries. Tragic? Yes. Sad? Maybe. Surprised? Not even a little bit. Blame the dog? Not me. That's because I'm not an idiot.
  • Modwain reply Great explanation
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