Microphone Setup For Youtube - Does It Matter? (#itsnippetscouk, #blueyeti, #lavmic, #youtubenoob)

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  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply Nice to meet you on Vidme ITSnippets It's frustrating how difficult audio tech is. All other aspects of film making are getting easier yet audio tech still is so hard. We can send robots to Mars to take HD photos... yet we can't make smartphone cameras more resistant to wind noise?
    • ITSnippets parent reply Nice to meet you too :) I've recently replace a faulty Blue Yeti (from this video, only one of the 4 pickup patterns worked, meaning when i moved it to a boom mic a bit farther away form me the audio sucked...) to a XLR and Mixer setup (unboxings of 2 mixers and the mic with reviews coming soon...the first mixer was misleadingly sold...) I'm new to video editing and audio, this is a hobby for me to learn while I pass on the knowledge of what I know, so i'm not hung up on views or trending, id rather my content got noticed for its quality rather than I picked a trending buzz word (Like the plathora of youtube sucks videos or how great vide me is..).
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