Comin' back: Channel update stuffs

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  • [ – ] RoughPanic reply WELCOME BACK!
  • [ – ] TheAlphaWolf reply It's a good start to the Warframe series, my friend. Well made, and you started with a bang with your flashiest frame, I see - good idea! Some constructive words, for some you still speak very softly. You are doing well. Own it! Show all those out there who ya are, my friend. I can't wait to see more and your opinion on the builds and mod system. ^.^ I am happy that you have taken to WF so well, but then again... look who I am speaking with, the man who excels with his heart.
    • Voxgizer parent reply I'll have to see about upping the volume for the VO, then! Thanks, bud. I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hope you're ready to help me get some footage later!
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