Nier Automata [Part 17] Religious Nuts (and Bolts)

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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Yay! Book Pod is back! Pascal is quite deep. YOU become a God! YOU become a God! And YOU become a God! WE ALL become a GOOOOOOOODDDD!!!!! Gee Wilikers you forgot your outro haha lol XD It's all good... Tech difficulties happen. Have you tried using any other kinds of software for recording?
    • [ – ] Sweetpotates parent reply Ive been stubbornly using elgato because it is great with consol and most games. I think nier is just a little more graphically intensive so it struggles
      • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply I've been using Bandicam... it's quite simple but it doesn't interfere with the fps so for the most part it records smoothly... the only thing is, you definitely want to make sure to have the sound file separate. Saves so much hassle and less sound tests to make sure you don't get drowned out lol
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