I'll Be Home For Christmas - Nostalgia Critic

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  • IWALVG reply Absolutely LOVED the speech about how easy it is to hate and be negative. You always have the best things to say around the Holidays, Doug. Another STELLAR episode. :-)
  • Seriumu reply The speech at the end was pretty damn stellar.
  • _AnonCAT_ reply That speech really struck a chord with me. I feel like you really put into clear words how to go about in life and to try to treat people. This concept of not hating has helped me deal with my family as well as other people and myself too. And just like you've said, I too have screwed up so much in life already. I'm tired of being lazy as well. Thank you Doug.
  • Sharpwing reply The message behind this review was so beautiful. I actually started to tear up at the very end. Love can be all that is wonderful in the world. Having recently had my first love go her separate ways and learn things about herself that made it impossible to love me, I have to say that this review helped me.
  • SeiferA reply Totally didn't expect the message at the end of the video. It's something that's desperately needed in our times, Doug. Bravo to you good sir.
  • Seawolf25 reply wait so am I a dick for being honest? Anyways sweet review as always. I remember seeing this in theaters as a kid. didn't really recalled it much.
  • Noahclay reply Great review Doug you're my inspiration and you make my days brighter thank you.
  • mikeinthehouse reply Always a great speech on every Christmas review in the middle of the month and always great! :')
  • Rocked reply Loved the message at the end. Great stuff.
  • Camera-headStudio reply I could have waiting until Wednesday for it to be posted on YouTube, but why should I
  • chaosking224 reply this might be my favorite nostalgia critic review just for that speech at the end involving d-bag.
  • AngryFanboy reply Doug you always produce the best annual Christmas Specials about the most obscure films. I look forward to them every year and always look back at the first one post NC Reboot - the about A Christmas Tree, love that one the most.
  • [ – ] ScottSand523431 reply Is January gonna be a theme month still?
  • [ – ] AutobotJediIronmanYT reply I wish Vidme had a search bar....
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