I RUINED my Hair! Can I save it?

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  • 2KidzatHeart reply Glad it worked out for you.
  • TrooperTru reply Love the Yoshi techno interlude!
  • TrooperTru reply I love the way your hair looks, regardless of what color it is.
  • iJimUK reply Call me weird but I like it, no really I do, I like it.
  • tomalien reply Oh how I can sympathize. Dyed mine ombre blue for the holidays last winter, 2016, and it's still blue. I have attempted to dye it back to my natural color, auburn red, and the blue came back. I dyed it black and the blue is still there. At this point I have decided to leave it alone or risk seriously damaging my hair. Good luck and I do hope you are successful.
  • I3UTM reply Maybe trim off some of the worst parts of the hair colour and cut the hair or style it in such a way wear the shorter hair highlights more of the colour at the roots? Also, you would be great with bangs. Go natural. Less chemicals and more enhancing Indigo highlights? ^.^
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