"Delete PewDiePie's channel" .. Steve Shives makes an ass of himself (again)

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  • Sharpwing reply Word to the wise. Felix will win no matter what. The mere utterance of his name is recognized. If he was kicked off YouTube, any competing platforms that aren't virtue signaling cunts would take him. If Pewds is taken down, creators win. YouTube knows this.
  • Sharpwing reply If they deleted Pewdiepie's channel that would be a good thing. It would finally make those corporate cunts bleed for their transgression against regular people. Pewds would just move to another platform and put the final nail in the coffin for YouTube. DO IT GOOGLE. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO XD
  • [ – ] 3oddbits reply Shives is a blithering idiot.
  • ej_cake reply Shives is literally just throwing a tantrum here. He's not even trying to veil it, he's just having a protracted whine into a decent camera. Fuck him, I want that decent camera. I won't even steam up the lens with my heavy breathing and tears.
  • CommonSense__ reply "Nigger".. the word that some people, that is, people with a certain skin color, are not allowed to use.. I call that racism...
  • Auceza reply Steve Shives is a great lolcow. But also he acts like a moron.
  • Aldebaran519 reply If PewDiePie is a racist for swearing the word during a game, are then the rappers that say it in their own rap videos nonstop not also racists for using it?
  • VauxhallViva1975 reply Actor's like Samuel L Jackson use that word all the time - to refer to other people of colour, and it is NOT being used as a slur or form of offence, more of a form of endearment. So he's racist too then? Yet again, it is only a problem, cos a white male said it. If PewDiePie had been a black woman, the comment would have been TOTALLY ignored. "Double-standard. Thy definition is Steve."
  • Muddywaters reply I am not sure if Shives is a cross-bred female dog in real life or merely the fatherless victim of mental abuse but I can say he knows how to make an anal orifice of himself. What a hypocritical penis head, he has used negro more often and in a more damning manner. What a vagina.
  • AgentJustSaiyan reply Shives said "The most universally condemned, hated racial slur in the English language", but i didn't hear Pewds say "SJW" which is a slur and is always about race.
  • ladyanya2 reply There is no such thing as "hate speech " you cow lipped wet noodle. I cringe every time I hear him smack those things on his face to speak.
  • Teamugi reply Steve Shives never disappoints lol. God damn he used to be normal once...
  • Belarus-Chan reply Everyone knew Shives would make a video on this like a whining 8 year old girl.
  • freethatsfunny reply This Steve is a total fuckwad!
  • wilsongreen reply I'm not going to watch you on YouTube anymore. Unless you would like me to, but I'm getting sick of goggle.
  • [ – ] Ndoki reply "I don't buy that." You know you have a solid, logical argument when you have to rely on 'I feel...' statements and not like, fact or something. Sorry Steve, but you buying it or not doesn't make a difference.
    • Ndoki parent reply And yes, do it Youtube! Delete his channel! I'd love to see Youtube completely hang itself and push vidme into the top video hosting spot.
  • Platypus67 reply #HAMSTERFRESSE pees his panties!!! What a fucking WHITE NIGGER!!! Go fuck yourself you petty cunt!
  • GrumpyMcGrumperson reply When you mention "freaky midget porn" and Steve Shives in the same video, the day could not get any better than that! Thanks for making my day!
  • Bud_Burpless reply I got called the "W" word with a hard "E"
  • BananaQiGong reply People already feel like they can't say certain shit on pootube. So, yeah, let's have everyone feeling like they can't put a single word out of place. What a fuckin' great idea.
  • CYBERSCHISS reply That was the worst sargon impression ever made. 10/10
  • frankblackcrow reply Steve needs to delete his own channel,, help out everyone,, just fuck off and stop having brain farts on video.
  • frankblackcrow reply This is that Anita Sarkeesian bullshit being used again,, video games, Steve loves her lesbian attitude towards games as being sexist and racist and other ism's. iv'e heard my little brother call his games fucking homo's, that doesn't mean he's gayphobic,, yes I didn't say homophobic,, because that is a fear of just men,, and not all men are as gay as what the media like to paint everyone that says..man in Latin. Leave my midget porn alone !
  • Davethhog reply It was a pretty stupid thing to say though. It doesn't mean he's racist but it does mean he's stupid, or had a stupid moment at the very least. Why would he even say that of all the (much better and funnier) things he could say? I'm sort of at the point where I think it's a purposeful thing now.
  • rorikdafuzzy reply nigger lovers
  • jujinz reply "YouTube should delete his channel"..stupid idiot. I can't stand that weak little bitch.
  • Irish_Stevo reply HAHA, ah well...lol
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