TJ TV 24 - Cybersix

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  • TheRoguePaladin1 reply I somewhat remember this series, didn't see a lot of it back as a kid. If it did get a DVD release I might try to track it down. As for the review it was quite good though I there is something I want give my thoughts on and that was Cybersix's design. You joke that she was try to ape Batman, the thing is I believe her design was based more on The Shadow. And if you are wondering what I mean I would suggest checking out Razorfist's shadow videos to help. I mean from the hat to the cape Cybersix owes a good bit of credit to The Shadow. This also can be said of Batman as well, to which I recommend watching Razorfist's videos on youtube. Other then that great review TJ keep up the work man.
  • redtrex65 reply I'm glad you found a place for you videos
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