✰ASMR✰ Game of Thrones Dragons Show & Tell

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  • dantesinporno reply Yeah, god forbid you be (partially) compensated for working your ass off everyday to entertain and comfort other people.
  • Fi1513 reply Dwagons! 😍 heheheh Nice tattoo very pwetty flowers. 💜 Thank you Indi for all the hard work an sacrifice an for the helps with the sleepless nights.
  • Emodude_911 reply You work hard with everything you do. There's nothing wrong with getting compensated for it. In my opinion, all ASMR Artists deserve to be compensated for what they do. You just keep doing what you're doing.
  • SmoothRiverrock reply You're right about the difference between dragons and wyverns. You are also right about payment for content. I paid to see 'Lord of the Rings'. People should be grateful that they are getting to view most of your videos for nothing. Best wishes and many thanks. 💗
  • SpookyBoyPrime reply You had me worried there for a second, when I read rant in the description I cranked my volume down just in case the jet lag got the better of you and 'Indigo Starburst' was unleashed 😋. As hard as it must be, try to pay the overbearing sense of entitlement no mind. Personally I'm super grateful that you'll be summing everything up later (preferably with crayons and a massive a whiteboard please), as I keep falling asleep. And I'm too scared to hit the replay button in case my views are being tracked and someone realises I can't handle narrative 😂. The world you and Cass have created is a safe haven for many of us, take us where you will and we'll follow, or catch up 👍👏😀.
  • maxdog874 reply Good video
  • itssajuchakma reply expand (possible spam) Follow me pls...I will follow you back
  • Aryk_Strykker reply I think you are correct about the wyverns, but that's a pretty technical point that the show chose to ignore. 🖤
  • TheErciyasLar reply Nice video, i love game of thrones.
  • ThePieceofEden reply in a world where Netflix and hulu even exist..... stop complaining and pay the couple of dollars
  • patrickbrinkmann reply You are so beautiful :) Greez Patrick the Boss from Germany
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