Gwent Live Commentary - First Win

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  • [ – ] RedPandaSquad reply how do you play this?
    • ds_vglevelxwriter parent reply Each round is won based on who has the most base strength. You have event/special cards, melee, siege, ranged and cards that you can put in any of those zones. Simple to learn, hard to master; each deck is different. The Black deck uses spies and relies heavy on revealing cards, my deck (the green one) has elves and dwarfs (I mainly use just the elves) and do ambushes. Etc, etc. It's best to not use up all your cards in round one and two; you get two new cards at the beginning of round 2 and one at the beginning of round 3. You also have leader cards that have special abilities as well. But that's the gist of it.
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