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  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply OK to be honest I have no respect for youtube anymore after what they did to us small content creators by keeping us in the dark, promoting some of the most stinking, talentless big content creators on YouTube rewind, changing channel layouts to 3.0 cosmic panda back in 2012 to 4.0 the one channel back in 2013, both the cosmic panda and the one channel are the worst set of channel layouts that youtube ever created, youtube had messed up so many times that really pissed a lot of users off, the subscribing glitch began in spring 2012 which made me lost over 10,000 subscribers back then before they force implemented the cosmic panda layout, then in late 2013 right after they forced implementated the one channel they added a stupid new commenting system to merge with Google plus then in December 2013 they upgraded the content identification system which was last introduced in mid 2008 which got me to leave youtube, then I came back in 2016 to continue making my videos consistently until th...moreey implemented the stupid advertising friendly guidelines and the youtube heroes programme, which was the final straw for me and to top it all of they had lied to us content creators saying that they was no subscribing glitch when they was and thats when started to leave youtube again but this time for permanent as I left youtube at new years eve 2016 to start fresh with vidme, MetaJolt and Vidbit future and now all the advertisers are pulling their ads away from YouTube which I knew more shit was about to happened with youtube and you know what, I am glad I left youtube to suffer the same way treat us small content creators like garbage with their deceitfulness hence, karma just bit youtube on the back side, so I am glad I left youtube for good which I'll be more supportive to vidme, because vidme is a breath of air and the team that operate their website are very well respected and more supportive to us small content creators. This is why vidme has got my respect as they respect me, fuck youtube, vidme is our new home now.
    • Kizzume parent reply There was a point where instead of us being Google's customers, we became merely their users, and the advertisers became their only actual customers. Sure, we were always considered users, but we were a method of making them money, then they stopped caring about that aspect and just started focusing on advertisers.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply The reason why we loved YouTube was because it wasn't TV, but now it's evident that they are becoming more like TV. I feel bad for the guy who lost his channel for being "spam." Yup, especially with YT TV, sorry to say, but I doubt they would like to recommend your kind of videos next to the more family friendly and talk shows. You are welcome to this community. Many people say that Vidme feels like the old school YT before Google bought them. Vidme is lucky to have YT to use as a reference on what not to do and do.
  • [ – ] VoicelessShouting reply I've been waiting for years to see a truly probable alternative to YouTube, and this website so far has very much impressed me. Thank you, Kizz, for bringing my attention to this website. This and Vimeo will probably be my new home
    • Kizzume parent reply Sure thing. It's a very good site. Vimeo is nice in that it allows for nudity, and that comment sections are generally people being decent to each other, but their uploading restrictions based on bandwidth and data, even when you pay them $10 a month, it's still a small amount unless you give them at least $20 a month in the lump form of a yearly payment, and if you stop giving them that money, they delete all the videos that went over the weekly quota in a basic membership, as well as make the existing ones SD rather than HD. This always disgruntled me, but I just stopped renewing the $10 a month payment a couple days ago, and by the end of the month, I'm sure that at least half of my videos there will disappear. So I will hopefully or likely be making this my new home. I'm watching even more channels get terminated on YouTube, like Sye Ten Atheist (whom I dislike what he's implying even though he does sometimes make me laugh... a lot). I don't know where Google is going to st...moreop. To be fair, Sye Ten Atheist does put out pretty extreme stuff, but I don't know what level this whole thing is going to become.
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