MONTANA AND THE DEMON BEAR! | Battleborn PvE | Caldarius Gameplay

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  • [ – ] TheVarietyChannel reply Love this game. Why oh why did they have to release it at the same time as Overwatch? 2K killed it before it could get big.
    • ImSecretlyMads parent reply it's not just that they released it at the same time as OW, although that didn't help, but they advertised it as a direct competitor to OW when in fact they are such different games. I really hope they make it f2p so that I might be able to find a pvp match! ^^
  • [ – ] TheVarietyChannel reply Also, are you going to enable "Subscriptions" on your channel? I would love to subscribe.
    • ImSecretlyMads parent reply to be honest, I didn't know there was a subscribe function.. I'm still a noob! xD Thanks again man! I'll look into it, and I feel honoured to have the feature requested!
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