CNN Blocks Trump Ad over Fake News Label: But CNN is Provably Fake News

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  • PirateMonkE reply It's funny how MSM started the "Fake News" trend by labeling anyone who wasn't a MSM as fake news, only for it to backfire and now Fake News has been associated with anything MSM.
  • Perseus_Gold reply I have literally ended decade long friendships over arguing about fake news. It sucks but I honestly don't regret it
  • winterbells1 reply CNN isn't FAKE NEWS. It's VERY FAKE NEWS
  • wolfalexzemla reply Soon you will need a license to do news on you tube. The license at first will cost 10,000 dollars. and later will cost 100,000$
  • andreaskavtaradze reply Also, dude, get some facts and education before getting so outraged. Nobody cares what country you are a citizen of.
  • andreaskavtaradze reply Flat earth is gonna happen any second now!
  • OpulentMiracle reply 100% agree with everything you said here. Excellent analysis.
  • Perseus_Gold reply I really like that the Rebel media is covering the entire Anglosphere.
  • I3UTM reply I remember when news that was questionable was called tabloid news or false news. And it was things like The Enquirer or The Sun. Is this the next version of that progression?
  • SamEarl13 reply A bit ironic for them to say somethings fake news. News these days is spun more than Taz the Tazmanian Devil and Crash Bandicoot combined (I know the comparisons terrible lol).
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