The Occult, Video 110: Chaos and Order Not At Odds

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  • MoonBase2036 reply Order is the light of understanding, Chaos is the dark of the unknown. Order is structure, Chaos is disorder. They are both the same, it's just the perspective of the viewer that makes them different. If something about nature seems chaotic, it's only because we don't quiet understand it. Relatively ignorant people live a life of chaos, as the events happening around them doesn't make sense. When Order is brought into Chaos, by something unexpected happening, a higher form of Order can be constructed to account for the 'chaotic' phenomena in an 'enlightened' understanding of the previously unknown (bringing light to the dark - enlighten). Nature is completely Ordered, it's just that we can't quite grasp it all, so certain events seem Chaotic. Dr. Peterson talks about this ALOT in maps of meaning. I highly suggest checking out his podcast and listening to the maps of meaning highlight videos.
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