Trump Considers Breaking Ninth Circuit Up to Stop Obstruction

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  • OpulentMiracle reply All of them need to go home. The "Dreamers" need to start dreaming about Mexico.
  • towbar1965 reply You're right but the 9th circuit is horrible
  • [ – ] Nazi-Ryu reply Dear Trump, There are three Jews in the Ninth circuit will who be very mad if you shoah their court. Judge Stephen Reinhardt, Judge Alex Kozinski, and Judge Andrew D Hurwitz will pull a Kennedy on you if you keep being a bad goy.
    • Edalwulf_Bergmann parent reply But he's a good goy. I declare this as the Jew that I am: Donald J. Trump is a good goy, and should convince Israel to remove what's left of Palestine because they keep being ungrateful pricks and lobbing missiles and bombs at Israel, despite the fact that Israel was kind enough to leave them SOME land to call their own.
  • RoboLynx reply As someone who lives under the jurisdiction of the 9th circuit, I would absolutely love to see it broken up.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply They need a way to fast track these fake decisions to the federal court until the laws are introduced to limit the power of these Judges and have them locked up forever for treason and removed from office forever for treason. The dreamers need to dream about how they will change Mexico. There is no reason Mexico is still like it is except the Billionaires of Mexico have no reason to invest in the people of Mexico as long as they can dump products made with the labor of their people into the USA. The wall will make the Billionaires of Mexico have to invest in training their own people if they want to stay competitive.
  • bobdrake reply Great to see you on, Styx!
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