YouTube Demonetized Another Video #156 Ducks & Winter 2016-17”

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  • Kirsty_J reply that crazy, against anything, that Should be educational and should be fair from anything then viewer friendly. YT is becoming crazy.
  • [ – ] prepTorrent reply Regardiing the recent youtube exodus and "extreme content" migration of users, and vidme's payment models and knocking off of the trending page hotspot Thulean Perspective (aka 'Varg' even though I don't really watch his content) while blatantly promoting channels such as MariaTheGerman, here is some opinion: The staff picks (of MariaTheGerman) and knocking off of Varg for "being on the number1 trending page for 10 days" are a kind of "fame tax" for redistribution, masquerading as a sort of "quantitative easing" of noterirty and coverage or bandwidth. I'm not dissing MariaTheGerman. I doubt she sees herself as being used as a pawn in this. I cannot however vouchsafe for her future behaviour if she milks all this and anyway she is not the only one. She may come to realise she is like a goose being fattened for Xmas and she may not want to be the next #gamergate girl because anita sarkeesian ruins it. Banning 'judas priest' just made it cooler. Even if I do not agree with it all, the Alt...moreRight Pepes and MGTOW are what the cool peers will be after and their milkshake brings the boys to the yard. Many a little Jimmy shitlord will be caught, red pilled, listening to MGTOW podcasts played backwards. Remember how Laci Green was one of the first youtubers to get the "featured" boost by youtube? Getting featured that way in the old days carried far more weight for the fraction of all views on youtube at the time. She turned out to yet again shoehorn ideology (feminism and SJW) and it went south like toxic cursed treasure. Now that people "pay to play" in the vidme gig economy, the exposure-redistribution is not just a tax on fame, but is a tax on fame and fortune. What rights do the content creators have and will it be like okcupid selling data to match or other dating services or even becoming like tinder? A big problem with the 'staff picks' and 'knocking off hotspots' (soon to be software automated) is that it does not take into account that some people left to their own devices would be a late bloomer becuse they would get some future sleeper-hit which makes them famous enough that they have more net profit views than others, including some who become famous quickly (via viewers making their stuff go virla because the viewers are early adopters of that channel's content). So this fame-and-fortune-redistribution algorithm is unfair (and rigged because it is grooming) because those who get promoted with a boost by vidme from the fame-fortune redistribution algorithm can still have their naturally occuring late bloomer sleeper hit occur and so that is multiplied by the initial boost and they get ridiculously famous while other who would have got their honestly are stunted because they were otherwises destined to get their momentum in the early adoption phases. There can be a butterfly effect and the coders are gambling with other people's time efforts and fame and fortune. They haven't a lid on it. It is all very 'equality of outcome' reparations for a glass ceiling that does not exist, paying Paul by punishing Peter when PeterDidNothingWrong, and people should be mindful that this can happen with other websites like 'Minds' or whatever else. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others. This is why the likes of Jess Phiilips MP like to force indoctrination and anti-male bias into education via their own feminism dog-piling which is an outsourced American ideology from Gloria Steinem et al, but having dished it out, she cannot take it when Sargon gives her that same medicine and so she calls it dog-piling on that BBC clip. Low and behold, her statement on that show was to see "what can be done about it" and here we are with all this youtube and twitter "extreme content" demonetisation going on. Also, for vidme knocking people of the hotspot trending in favour of teacher's pet, once it is software automated, do we honestky think vidme (or another video website doing the same thing) will resist the temptation to continue to manually fiddle the figures? No of course not. It is far to tempting with absolute power to keep double dipping and tinkering things in one's favour. Now what this is really is is advertisers, including big mainstream media companies wanting a piece of the pie of youtube's business and so they are pulling out advertising so as to cause an investment panic like an engineered stock market crash or a small (or big) version of a banking crisis when people pull out their savings before the great depreesion in the USA in the past. This does also allow for control of the narrative, especially before war, and with that, propaganda. Forcing of a "screen license" (new version of TV license) even for PC monitors above 11 inches in Ireland is a similar mechanism to the german license for twitch streamin being brought in. They want to control more market share and are strong arming their way in. The internet is a threat to them. The arising of smaller seemingly 'indie companies' such as vidme is a red herring since what vidme really is is a pay-to-play gig economy talent aquisition group (like a cross between a job agency and a pop-group grooming agency) who will scout and groom smaller acts who are actually under contract when they sign up to vidme with the money options, and vidme (or similar "indie platform" will then be able to seel that contract to comapnies/corporations such as the BBC or ITV in a similar way in which those "talent factor" shows have groomed acts sent to them and so it is rigged. Vidme should just be honest. Considering the BBC are embroiled in this means that British laws apply such as anti-trust laws which are about price fixing. The whole thing is 'full on dodgy' as anything. When licenses are required or "paid subscriptions" are required (like vidme which is almost like Youtube Red in small ways) if the companies can sell content creator's individual contracts,(to talent agencies or MSM), they are double dipping. Also, what rights do people have when they sign up to websites like vidme on their pay to play gog economy? They (vidme and other websites and big corporatoins like the BBC and also the various State entities) simply are not being forthcoming. And if we think for a minute that, when approaached by media companies to sell the user's data or contracts to them, that vidme will be a resistance, I anticipate the will not be able to play hard ball because there would be too much dirt on them, like the ability given to users to syphon youtube content via a copied and pasted link so the video gets re-encoded. That 'dirt' would mean that they could be seen as infringing (piracy) intellectual property like napster did and so, just like napster would be given the "opportunity" to shut-it-down and go on the straight and narrow only for the majority of staff to be disbanded and then a few coderst to get jobs working on projects like roxio CD burner software. Other dirt would include the way in which copyrighted music and game recordings are on vidme (and even groomed and promoted like MariaTheGerman) and that is like what Grooveshark did and so they got shutdown, whereas google's youtube had the money to come to a setllement with the Performing Rights Society. The grooming vidme does is clearly evident in the "staff picks" over promotion of users such as MariaTheGermsn the girl gamer they want to groom so that they have their 'girl version' of PewDiePie. The whole thing is just another dishonest #gamergate journalism and media scandel yet again about money and if you do not comply, you get branded hate speech and censored for fake news because they do not want Alternative media when upcoming wartime propaganda is needed. The Bill Hicks stand-up show "revelations" spoke of how the pop-star act "New Kids on the block" was a "Good clean pure act" but really it was spawned from the darker creepy elements and of grooming. It is similar (see Bearing and SuitYourSelf collab video) to the way in which Brita Filter have their deliberately awful campaign to "filter" content to be pure and clean (groomed) like SJW holy Water vs shitlord "h8 2 O". The whole thing stinks of anti-trust-laws price fixing (masonic "square living" through a tier based system object orientated linked list) and censorship and propaganda indoctrinating the minds of all ages. Any attempt to make blockchain technology will be branded by State as "darkweb" and deliberately flooded with very very illegal material by various State entities to making it seen as the tools of cyber criminals and terrorists and therefore banned. Maybe consider get using the prepTorrent fienaming convention while you can and start to make you own rainbow table software scripts for original content creator trusted torrents you encounter to list contents, 'dublin core' metadata, html bookmark exports and id3 tag information for the data you share. Click the #prepTorrent hashtag or see the video on my channel wich is very basic (no sound) and is just a text slideshow but it works. https://vid.me/bGun
    • [ – ] madel_schmadel parent reply Everyone should use aggressive ad blockers when they are over on EweTube. If anyone has the financial power, all of us do.
      • [ – ] prepTorrent parent reply I think they are going to get around that. From what I gather, videos might be made into 'new videos' so they are deployed in the same (or similar) mechanism as 'advert videos' so that an ad blocker would block the 'new video' too thereby rendering the use of ad blockers no good. I think that is one of the ways youtube plan to get around ad blockers, but I may be incorrect.
        • [ – ] madel_schmadel parent reply Maybe but between now and then, Google and its child company EweTube could lose a considerable amount of revenue, which means it's totally worth doing it now.
          • [ – ] prepTorrent parent reply I doubt they would be bothered. I forsee them doing this as an excuse to buy back other smaller "indie" networks (maybe like this) in future and strong arn them into selling and then youtube (deliberately) can only buy accounts they approve of with a more clamped-down verification system ('extreme content' nonsense and so on like 'fake news'). It is a ruse.
            • [ – ] madel_schmadel parent reply Well then there's no reason not to try, is there? But then maybe certain sock puppets don't want people to do that.
              • [ – ] prepTorrent parent reply People can watch whatever website they want. Using multiple websites can be good although using something more than just websites would likely be even better. There is more to the internet than just websites. People can be lulled into a false sense of security with a fals dichomoty between using websites, as though buying Coke or Pepsi are the only choices.
                • [ – ] madel_schmadel parent reply And they can demonetize whatever website they visit instantly by using ad blockers, which is great when the endgame is to win the information war with the political class and its SJW proxies. Simply fleeing into internet ghettos does nothing to win that war where the majority of people reside.
                  • prepTorrent parent reply But they are still using the website there. As a strategy, it seems to make viewers think they are winning when really it seems to be a pyrrhic victory. The feel-good-factor from acting out the deprivation of adverts seems to be a placebo. The real product is the user and their information. That website still gets that most important thing which they are after. The public may end up losing the war to win a battle that was always simply a red herring. For every instance of watching a video, data is created, and that is the treasure the website craves. That applies to any website (so I agree that fleeing to internet ghettos is no solution to cure all ills).
  • theglimmerman reply youtube are douche bags
  • Whomitmay reply Mount up duck dude. We gotta make the move to Vidme. Have a nice day.
  • madel_schmadel reply Clearly, ducks have triggered some blue armpit haired SJW freak of nature. Too happy? Too cute? SJWs hate it.
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