Analysing BBC Three Girls Drama: Thoughts On Rochdale, Rotherham And Beyond

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  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply I could not watch this all the way through. I hope this tv drama causes outrage in the UK, those pathetic middle class wankers will see the truth of what is going on and they will most likely say what a racist bit of rubbish, it is a drama not real and then they can go on arse-face book forwarding let's bring in more refugees memes because it makes us look like nice people.
    • [ – ] simonharris parent reply Yes, I agree, Mark. Hopefully, more people are beginning to see the light, though!
      • MaitreMarkScully parent reply yes, there are more; more people waking up, more sleepers yelling 'NAZI - RACIST', more fake news, more independent journalists, more pedos, more migrants, more war! Let us hope there is peace in the end and the people beat the bankers this time.
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