TAKING OUT THOSE ZOMBIES! Ft AwesomeJenn! Ep 1 | Dead Rising 2 OTR

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  • [ – ] Proto reply Never actually played Dead Rising but this game looks fun lol. Good stuff guys. Jenn funny as ever haha.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Dead Rising is such a fun series, always fun to watch letsplays and slowly watch the craziness ramp up as they make new weapons and stuff. Noticed you found a gun at the very last second, I kinda hate them because the friendly NPC's kept accidentally shooting me lol.
    • linktheinformer parent reply The guns aren't very good in Dead Rising until Dead Rising 3. I have a lot of mixed feelings on that one. My favourite is either 1 or OTR. Hard to say. Story in 2 was good though.
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