Nissan Commercial Cashes in on Victims of Bullying

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  • [ – ] Cellblock776 reply The boy is going to be a total cuck and will be laughed at by women like his sister. This is like some fetish porn of "sissyboy" and "femdom" style stuff.
  • Shimeran reply Seems like she could have helped him build his own confidence so they could stand together. It would still be a terribly flawed ad, but at least that would give the victim some agency.
  • SeanShadowBlood reply It's shocking what companies do to try to sell... I'm all for gender equity/equality however you'd like to call it but this ad's message is beyond wrong, I have the same problems with this but it did raise some questions on my mind; 1, why did only the girl train and not both of them? 2, Where the fuck are the parents on this? 3, why respond with violence, just, why? 4, if she trained to defend herself, why didn't she take her brother to teach him the same thing, it's not like she'll be around him ALL the time? So yeah, those are the things I see pretty odd here, it disgusts me to see companies go this far to sell. Great job with the video, really, not everyone can analyze a video like that.
  • Libertas_Est_Immortalis reply Going to also point something out here as a martial artist myself here. Her actions were unacceptable, as demonstrated in the video, you don't hospitalize someone who is literally backing away from you. They can be the shittiest person ever, but that doesn't make it "self-defense". Switching the genders around on this one would probably make that evident.
  • [ – ] JRCSalter reply I'm as pacifist as it gets, but when I was younger, a few good hits were all that was needed to stop it. I don't like that it worked, but it did. Parents and teachers all knew about it too.
  • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo reply YouTube has made tons of money off people who bully and harass. Corporations always reward sinners.
  • SamEarl13 reply Very good look at the advert, surprises me just how idiotic they're getting lately. To me when they suddenly become cars and the girl is some new one it almost feels like the bullied kid becomes "the one no one wants" or something. Either way the message they give people with this is terrible.
  • [ – ] Bea_Smith reply Feminisim aside, you are right this is a total shit ad indicating the bullied kid should be cast away.
    • [ – ] John_Sheppard parent reply This is directly because of feminism. And only now that feminism has fallen women see the writing on the wall that women start to say "yeah maybe feminism might have fucked up".
  • madel_schmadel reply The real message far-left fascist Nissan is sending is that, "yeah, you're being bullied because you are inferior, you are an *untermensch* and you will always be a burden on everyone around you." That's really sick and the left once again is showing its Nazi DNA.
  • Insidio reply Feminist's is Câncer
  • blazedu reply That clip of the 3 female police officers should send a clear message on the handling of criminals in sweden.
  • SEspider reply ROFL!!! They've disabled their comments and Like/Dislike counter!
  • BelgianDan reply "Her technical fighting ability that she's learned is great, but it's not going to close that gap" I completely agree with that, something I've learned from personal experiences.
  • MrCupofFail reply That commercial is like a horrible Transformer fanfic, that someone got the idea for after watching Transformer Animated.
  • generalhelen reply they should be sued in court and boycotted I am so sick of this feminist crap!
  • Grizz01 reply First off, she would not only get her butt kicked, he'd probably rape her as well. Secondly, since when did Ireland become the land of pansies? I thought they were all taught bare knuckle boxing and wasn't considered a man until they took their old man on... what happened?
  • SylvesterSan reply I think you under estimate the power of fighting with intellect as opposed to fighting with muscle.
  • CloakingDonkey reply So all they did is turn the damsel in distress trope around... what a brave message =/ great video.
  • Vermithrax reply Where are the parents? They are both working full / over time.
  • YoahCat reply Choose your pictures more wisely
  • ChazDragoon reply Shit..Ireland is getting neutered by the SocJus cultists too? The land of manly scots and kilts and belligerent smack talk and drinking? Fuck man...that's depressing... :(
  • SensibleStuff reply Hey, I have an idea. Someone should make a movie about a pretty-but-tough girl who totally kicks butt. All the men in the movie can be bumbling dolts who provoke lots of female eye rolling. Really turn the old tables and mix up the gender expectations! Oh, wait, it's been done. About 8,000 times in the last 15 years.
  • RechargeableSpy reply Imagine the shitshow that would have occurred if the genders were swapped and the boy helped his sister.
  • LIBERTYSWF reply My thinking is that this social justice/feminist mindset plaguing films, tv shows and commercial advertisement at the moment will mostly die off within the next five years. It's just kinda the new thing to do much in the same way CGI was just over saturated and overused back in the late 90s to early 2000s. After a time these things naturally die down.
  • denden1088 reply hellooooooooooooooow
  • SC87Returns reply What is wrong with Nissan, first Audi, now Nissan, who next. My god
  • PutingPating reply Amazing video man! I personally don't have a problem with the plot of this commercial. But the problem here is that they did it in such a serious tone that it ends up being insensitive. It would've been a better commercial if it was done in a comedic stand point.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Tau island American Samoa 5328 solar panels / 790 people = 7.75 solar panels per person on a tropical island that has direct sunlight, optimum conditions does it require home heating, etc.. 1.4 mega Watts per hour for 6 hours. 1,400,000 Watts. Can you already see that this model is specific to a tropical climate that doesn't have an alternative source of energy like coal or gas. They forget to mention they clear cut the forest in their promotional video to make room for their solar panels. Also need is 60 Tesla Coils to store the energy 6 Mega Watts of storage. 6,000,000/(1500 x 4) = 1500 home could be powered, With enough redundancy for more than twice the population. 1500 home/ 790 people = 1.9 homes per person capacity.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply There trying to promote their fake Global Warming, They are trying to promote unreliable Energy that needs to be extremely oversized and is expensive so they can collect even more money form the public. Government policy is intentionally increasing the cost of coal fired power by putting unnecessary regulations and TAXES on them as part of their Ponzi Scheme to collect Carbon TAXES . They are pushing Carbon Capture which in unnecessary but they have tried to promote the idea that CO2 is pollution which it is not. The CO2 is useful and could be used to grow vegetables in green houses in colder climates. The excess heat could be used to heat the Green house and water for fish farms. This would create thousands of jobs and make use of the products of power generation and bring the cost of food down as a result. Instead they push the carbon under the ground and increase the cost of power, all to keep this fake Global Warming Ponzi Scheme going. It's time the people wake up and see this as ...moreanother attempt to steal money from our pockets.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply There was a recent power outage in NYC San. Francisco L.A. The power to charge your car, comes from the coal power plant. The 34 kWh to travel 100 miles which is a sales pitch. What is 34,000 Watts, a Microwave is 1400 Watts. 34/ 1.4 = 23 Microwave oven running in your home and the neighbors home, think of it every home across the city using the equivalence of 23 microwaves to recharge there car every night. The result is there will be a boom in power plant construction. Lets not forget the transmission system that would have to be increase five fold to handle all the additional capacity. What happen if the power goes out you won't be able to charge your car now the storm has you trapped. When 30 Million people were stranded when the power went out, or 700 Million in India. When everyone starts using power to charge their cars. The electrical system will collapse fast and the cost of rebuilding will ( Drive , LOL) your power cost for everything that you currently do through the roof, t...moreo say this is unexpected or is it a planned consequence. Wind is npredictable and Solar is a fake solution.
  • The_Stupid_It_Hurts reply better yet why waste years training, just buy a gun and career criminal be gone. well 6ft under but gone all the same and one less dickhole we have to pay for in gaol
  • JadeJicama reply So, wait, did the car... girl...? Not get into a wreck by beating up the 'bully car'? How the...?
  • Insidio reply Mind Control Garbage
  • Insidio reply Propaganda is Garbage ... Mind
  • mathphysicsnerd reply I don't even understand what Nissan was trying to get at with this ad. It might be too abstract for me or perhaps just too retarded. I'm not gonna bother figuring out which it is
  • Torok0420 reply The Agenda Behind This >>> Women To The Rescue
  • Leadhead reply Every time a large corporation decides to promote some ground breaking social construct, they fall flat on there face. There is a simple reason for this, it's the difference between fact and fiction. If the corporation were to try something conservative or right leaning, it would not have much affect, as they would be spewing fact, which tends to be boring. Why not throw out bullshit SJW crap, that will get a rise.
  • blazedu reply yep, dumb and insulting are correct. I don't mind that women defend men, good for both. Now what does that have to do with cars? oh, right absolutely nothing. In this situation specifically where are the parents? ate these 2 siblings living alone? Before searching how to defend himself, as a younger boy, he should tell his parents about it and if the situation and learn any martial art in parallel.
  • bnShadow13 reply "But violence is bad." "No, not violence. Vio-lins. Violins are bad. That screeching music is going to ruin the goddamn country" - Chucky
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