Crazy Boxer Pup Back Talking and Upset With Me. He's Getting Huge!!

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  • GoMGTOW reply Those are beautiful Boxers bro... I used to have a brindle and two fawns... I miss them. :)
  • Country_Boy_Tactical reply GoMGTOW, thanks my friend, they are well spoiled and have me trained well. I empathize completely bro, my last was a huge fawn male and was completely amazing, he developed DM and it was the saddest thing in the world, he was truly my best friend and traveled everywhere with me, I had to watch him as it took over, my first black one I had to adopt out when I deployed overseas, I will never forget how he looked when I left. Non boxers owners don't understand how much they work their way into your heart and become part of your life and family. Simply the most amazing breed, that are capable, smart , can learn and do nearly anything and are the biggest clown factories. I am getting ready to post up their first day at the river this summer, I will send you a link when I do.
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