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  • [ – ] TheSparrowolf reply Bruh Im super proud of your first Bloodborne run! AZUCAHHH!
    • EpicJC parent reply Did WAY better than I thought I would and definitely want to keep playing, though it may be off stream due to time constraints.
  • [ – ] GrayRPG reply Bro you don't understand how big of a fan I am of Bloodborne😅 I know its similar to Dark Souls but I just took a liking more quickly to this game. I'm also surprised you chose the huge axe cause people usually choose the saw👀
    • EpicJC parent reply It's a great game. I've played VERY little Dark Souls so although I know they are similar I can't talk too much about that. I thought the axe looked like the coolest weapon! Thanks for watching the video. :)
  • [ – ] NicoleJeanette reply I'm actually surprised that you were able to pick up the game's "pace" quickly. Good job!
    • EpicJC parent reply #ProGamer!! Haha, yeah I was very surprised too. Honestly didn't think I was going to be able to beat that boss.
  • TheSparrowolf reply ...and BATTLE AXE FTW!!!!! Same weapon I chose!
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