How Did League of Legends Become So Popular? /W RossBoomSocks

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  • [ – ] Vossi_46_gaming reply Really interesting video. Gain yourself a new follower
  • BedtimeGaming reply Haha as a league nerd, Ross pretty much covered all of it. Nicely made. :)
  • JustCrewzinAround reply Because it's very addictive :D
  • Gotaloveanonymity reply your voice totally changed
  • girlreadingbooks reply I dig your video! Recent LoL convert from Dota here, and I do find it is much more balanced, cool to know more of the history! Another follower gained! Just a lil tip though - might want to mix audio levels for speech/music a bit better - I feel sometimes my ears are competing between listening to the arpeggiator vs. your cool accent :)
  • NightDivine reply Nice channel. Was going to say that last video but forgot. Some good content here!
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