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  • [ – ] Smolbird reply I joined vid.me just for your channel
  • [ – ] KitsuneCx reply Damn I wish this site would get more popular, I'm two thousand, three hundred, sixty sixty point nine percent sick of youtube exdee rawr nuzzles colon 3
  • ZolarVerde reply I here now. I upload here now. I feel ... welcomed. I'm gunna cry.
  • IKE_Official reply Thanks to this video (when I first see it on YouTube). IHE parodys now exist on this app. Thanks IHE
  • [ – ] OniRokaku reply @El_Pato I can tell you. It's because most of us were sick and tired of Youtube's Bullshit. They won't fix what's broken and pretty much listen to the Almighty Dollar. So we all switched to Vidme cause we wanted some freedom again.
  • wearegods reply We should make a realistic YouTube Rewind, which is nothing but an hour long video showcasing all the channels that got removed and censored with people who've been falsely DMCA'd or false flagged to death and just showcase all of YouTube's horrific problems with their platform in general.
  • jimanri reply well, I joined this Vid.Me thing, I like it
  • [ – ] residgeavi reply vidme is better than youtube because is not broken
      • [ – ] Warvell parent reply I don't think you know how competition works. The more people join this site, the more youtube will be forced to improve to at least slow people down from leaving. And the more youtube is forced to improve, the more vid.me is forced to improve That's really how you should be thinking about this site; there should never just be one video site, least it become a monopoly and start degrading to save money and/or pursue anti-consumer ulterior motives. I don't want youtube as a name to go away, I just want it to fucking become something that youtube isn't right now and for both youtube, vidme and frankly even vimeo to exist and be active enough or have at least some kind of social thrust to say that if one gets shitty, one of the other ones will take its place.
        • BenjaminEYE parent reply yet the infinite possibility of everything going wrong remains un lessened. i don't know how you got that "competition " angle from a one word reply, but the point of my slightly ominous "yet" was a call for caution. just because its a new youtube alternative does not inherently guarantee all your wishes will be fulfilled, its a video based website not a magical genie. i merely remain skeptical of all predictions of unknowable futures, i suggest you do the same.
  • agunZagun reply What's this vid.me thing you're talking about anyway?
  • racist_santa reply Hopefully this becomes an actual competitor with Youtube so Youtube actually has to try and keep their users.
  • GumshoeGamer reply YES I love this video and I'm really likening vid.me :D
  • [ – ] kcjonescentral reply @IHE_Official Please do a video on how you, I, and so many others hate fucking SNAPCHAT! I am sick and fucking tired of being peer pressured into using something that follows the trend of Instagram, facebook, and vine, which only serves as self validation for people who aren't bright enough to understand what they are really doing; especially when taking photos of themselves during remembrance day and showing off all their medals and bitching about how cold it was during the ceremony, especially when the point is honoring those who fought an entire WAR for you so you could live in a free society. Kind of ungrateful if you ask me :/
  • DeeforTheDog reply Its a shame that youtube ignore a large portion of their own userbase for celebrites, vine and facebook personalities in this rewind.
  • kittycatrachel reply I hope this replaces YouTube.
  • Zekrom87 reply Can you please upload all the search for the worsts' and trying to watch videos?
  • IKE_Official reply If this comment gets 5 likes I'll upload The nutshack theme but everytime they say nutshack the bee movie trailer plays but everytime they say bee it slows down
  • TheSilentWindow reply Lets hope vidme can compete with youtube at some point.
  • Thatcrazyfan reply Thank you IHE for getting me on this website!
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