Atheist is NOT a Synonym for Homosexual

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  • [ – ] Sand-Grain reply There has always been homosexual, I know about that since I read Greek Mythology known as pederasty in highschool, so why all the media hubbub now, gets me thinking?
    • Martin_Willett parent reply Indeed, there will be homosexuality and it will not be the norm, regardless of social attitudes and laws. Homosexuals have been useful to those who want to create fractures in society. There is an alliance between those who are homosexual and those who like homosexuals and those who regard promoting homosexuality as a way to damage either society as a whole or conservative elements.
  • [ – ] Wictred reply I always used to take Peter Hitchens' line that speaking against homosexual marriage or even civil partnerships is just a well laid trap from which it's nigh on impossible to extricate oneself. Once you're tarred with the wrongthink brush it sticks forever. Better to just concentrate on improving the sad state of heterosexual marriage. His strategy doesn't work though, progressives never stop and they'll always find something else to attack you for. Hitchens' opinions are mild compared to my own but he's still seen as a hateful bigot, presumably just for existing.
    • Martin_Willett parent reply It's too late to do anything now. You can't undo marriages against the will of those who think they are married. We did have a brief window of opportunity to say that civil partnerships were a way to give homosexuals a functional marriage with the only differences being in effect a formal distinction without a significant difference, but enough of a concession to keep the religious onside. Clearly, they wanted to hurt the religious and traditionalists more than they wanted to help the smaller number of oddballs.
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