What Would Happen If All The Cats Suddenly Disappeared?

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  • IansMagickOak reply What would happen? I'd lose a lot of really precious friends and cuddling partners. Cats don't need us until we bring them in and realize that love and comfort wonderful, and they bond with us. Unlike dogs, we're still early in their domestication and they haven't come to depend on us too much.
  • [ – ] LexiKEKographer reply Domestic rats do make nice pets, but their wild cousins are pretty terrible.
  • Hirvee reply Around where I live it is the owls and hawks that keep the rodents under control. There are no wild cats because the winter is hard. the owl populations directly correlates with the rodent population. And in addition there are foxes and weasels and all those small predators. I guess that historically they weren't that willing to go to cities because they were hunted actively.
  • c_arnold03 reply A lot of lonely spinsters will be forced to own dogs.
  • PsychosisMugen reply I do not know what i do with out my fluffy friend. I would be really depress with out her v.v..
  • Valeda_Mystico reply love this. yes I am sure my cats could hunt on their own as I have seen them track a tiny flying insect, grab it from mid air and eat it in like 20 seconds, but they still do cry every time they cant physically see me lol. I love my kitties!
  • GloriousTrainWreckMom reply We saw the results of cats disappearing during the middle ages. While cats were being killed on an epic scale the rats were breeding. Their populations going unchecked meant fleas were breeding at an exponential rate. And they carried the plague. Without cats eating the rats that carried the fleas that were infected with the plague it was inevitable that people were dropping like flies.
  • Retof reply It was the fleas on the rats that spread the plague. The rats just acted as a host for the virus.
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