Conan Exiles - the Early Access Report!

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  • BadwolfGamer reply Big boobs/dicks and plump asses this game will sell well indeed.
  • LVLWON reply Tbh the REAL ground-breaking jump I'd like to see in these online survival games will be for one of them to actually come out of early access.
  • Parker-Peters-Plays reply Thumbnail Girls are best girls.
  • Howesenberg reply I'm here for the thumbnail girl....go on hand her over.
  • Parker-Peters-Plays reply Yeah, the T&A has definitely served the sales of this game so far.
  • Parker-Peters-Plays reply I hope so, meme King. The fact that it's by funcom, an actual developer of games and not just some guys in a basement, means it will be completed rather soon I'd wager.
  • duffy reply showing the boobs and members definitely did wonders for the pr around this game.
  • MrMemeKing reply I feel like conan is like rust + ark equals the you know Conan. I feel the sacrifice, gods and well that's really it...I would love for the game to really push ahead of other early access games to really be one of the guys that can say "Hey...I did it guys" so lets all hope
  • Parker-Peters-Plays reply That WOULD be a breakthrough! Haha.
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