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  • DavisonVideo To bid on the painting:!
  • [ – ] mdd123 this was way to funny. i loved when you said you didn't want a cat slip haha XD
  • BenTin84 Enjoyable
  • camfather I apologize for not posting how much I enjoyed the video before complaining about shipping costs. This was a treat to watch, :)
  • [ – ] camfather I was going to bid on the painting, it would look nice in my shop, however the shipping is $120.00?
    • DavisonVideo parent Yes! Unforunately bc paintings are odd, large sizes, they cost a ton to ship internationally from Canada with tracking.
    • [ – ] DavisonVideo parent How about this: bid and then I will charge you the shipping afterwards? It will likely be less than $120 if you are in the states, though I cannot promise anything bc I know how expensive it can get.
      • [ – ] camfather parent Ok I placed a bid, however if the shipping price is more than my bid price, I will pay for the auction I won but you will keep the painting and relist it. Deal?
        • [ – ] DavisonVideo parent Aww, ok! Ty!!!! So are you paying the shipping on top of 50 or 50 with shipping is your goal? Bc no way it will cost $50 to ship, plus the canvas itself was $20, blank.
          • [ – ] camfather parent I am bidding $50 for the item. If the shipping of the item to my location is more than $50, then consider the $50 for the winning (if I win) bid as a donation to your cause. If I can get it won and shipped to my location for $100 I will proudly display it on my wall. :)
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