#Brexit Argument We have Taken back control

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  • BlunderingFool reply This was more the underclass vs the elites than anything else. As for council meetings, mine turn out to be pretty bleedin' useless most of the time. =/ As well, thanks to all the migrants that have literally been dumped up north, ("Come over here, it's the land of milk and honey!" they lie.) community cohesion has vanished so you don't get much out of them anyway. A little anecdote, I've walked into the 'wrong place' a few times whilst wandering around on walks, I got the most dirty looks, as if the people in funny robes and hats are trying to say I don't belong there. Never seen such expressions of disgust for just walking down a street before. As it stands there isn't a local community around here any more, there's a bunch of little communities that are 'diverse' though, they just don't get along. It's really sad, actually.
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