Force Fields In Real Life

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  • yuiopads reply "Ray shields sir"
  • duffy reply Force fields are a staple of all kids playing make believe in the park.
  • Dos_Gaming reply Nah, in the future we just use nano robots. Literally everything ever is solved with nano robots. You have no idea what that does for humanity! I can't even die! I've tried!
  • Dexter561 reply Cool video!! :D
  • DaemonGameZ reply By increasing the intensity of the field and recycling plasma waves these types of shields can block almost anything eventually. It's all a matter of refining our control of magnetic fields to flow plasma. Basically we've got to run zillions of simulations with an A.I. to make this powerful and efficient enough to be practical in application. The shield also only need be on for brief times while blocking.
  • Fraglrokt reply Force fields are absolutely useful for exploration and defense. With exploration we may need those same shields to defend us.
  • JustHypeVibe reply We really don't need for destruction purposes because as the word force field goes it protects anything inside of it. So I believe it's just for science and future plans for the protection of all the people and the planet.
  • BigZBomb reply Of course I think it has a place, this could save countless lives on the field and potentially on all sides of a war people will survive. I think it's great.
  • SpeedyGaming reply Dude, that shield looks badass!
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