✰ASMR✰ Tamara | An Occult Bookshop // Dagger in the Dark

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  • [ – ] Emodude_911 reply I've been excited for this for a while and I'm still intrigued to know what happens next. It's always fun to be introduced to new faces. I have a feeling that we'll see a lot more of Tamara further down the line. Amazing job as always! 😊
  • FidanAliyeva reply BRILLIANT!👏🏻👍🏻👌🏻So happy to be able to see the 2nd season & so excited to know what will be next😍Liked Tamara, very interesting personagé & smth tells me that Maria liked her too. Also, would like to ask a question, Dearest Lisa, if Gorgeous Prince came to visit Tamara & her awesome bookshop does it mean that we'll ve able to see Maria in the 2nd season too? Cuz, I felt so happy to hear of Maria in here & feel her presence again. It gave me feeling like we'll see her soon too. I just missed her so much & see her through Tamara's eyes was like a "sip" of air🙆😃Want to thank You & Cass from all my heart for all this BEAUTY, MAGIC & this MASTERPIECE you creat. This MAGNIFICENT WORLD that you gift us not only heals our wounds, calms our souls & protects our hearts from all the negativity, but it also inspires, enlightens & revive us by all means🙏🏻😌🙏🏻Much LOVE to you, My Precious Angel!👄🌹💋♥️
  • ThePieceofEden reply Season 2 yes yes yes
  • SmoothRiverrock reply A new moon and perhaps a new beginning for Tamara; for good or bad, Maria will decide. Thank you, Lisa. : )
  • [ – ] Fi1513 reply Thank you! to you and to Cass for sharing your talents with us. So EXCITED to see the new season and characters. This was AWESOME!!! <3
  • SubstanceASMR reply Love the video! Green screen looks great and acting skills are👌👌👌
  • Dos_Gaming reply I remember by good old days in the Occult...
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I just want to say, I have never ever seen a video like this before, and I think it is amazing.
  • [ – ] ShowAnalyst reply I'm sorry, but when she pulled out the vape I started dying.
  • PrimeResoultion reply Great opening episode 👏. I'm very much looking forward to getting into this season as it unfolds in real time. Already loving the prelude of a Calidora visit, if any two can decrypt the book it shall be them. Although I already fear that book, and what it holds. Thank you and Ms Cass for creating a world that's easy to get lost in, and fun to stay within👍🙏.
  • TapeMan reply This was the TIMES that this poor girl could SEE, in the next video she's BLIND :'(
  • NexoReviews reply expand (possible spam) Not gonna lie, I'm a little turned on right now. I know that was the idea but.. psh. shutup.
  • userXVI reply https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdWhlo9b9zg
  • [ – ] Goldtooth_Fuckknife reply I AM GOD !
  • [ – ] VonHelton reply Need a better greenscreen........
    • [ – ] IndigoStars parent reply Most of my other videos don't have these issues, and I used some green items in the video which distorted it a little more. I live in a one room apartment so I'm pretty pleased with what I'm able to produce with limited space and resources. But thanks for the constructive criticism :) it's so much appreciated!
  • [ – ] Furiousredheads reply Who is the prince? Dionysus ? if you are wiccan he is :D you like the doors? :o
  • [ – ] TheErciyasLar reply Not related to the video, but what does the subcribe button mean? What changes if i subscribe?
  • Iannis_Hour reply i didnt told u to stop that nonsense ? #contentswat
  • Nightwolf511 reply Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I may be a tad excited 😄
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