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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply My kindergarten boyfriend, we dated during recess. It didn't last, he's the one that got away lol he ate glue like no other. *sorry, I'm still friends with all my old friends, that's the cool thing about technology we can all keep in touch. Nice video loved that night time bike ride shot.
    • danielamann parent reply Hahahah that was pretty funny! We will definitely still be friends and keep and touch, it's just weird that he is going to be so far away! Sounds like a reason for us to need an excuse to make a road trip down to California though xD
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply "Well played, sir" that was really funny!! Haha All the well wishes tou your friend. The distance will be hard at first, but once he settles in and you guys set up a good communication system it will be like he never left. I'm actually still friends with a few peouple froum the military and I tell you what, it was sou hard tou part froum them. Randle and a guy we called Jr. We graduated basic at the same time and went through Tech Schoul together. We were stationed the same base in England.. then, when it came closer to get our orders, the three of us had become so depressed bc we thought we'd never see each other again. We even went and requested the same bases but knew that the military loved to split friends up.. then the orders came out and I got Langley AFB, in Virginia, Randle got Pope AFB, NC.. but Jr wouldn't tell us. Randle and I spent the next few months living it up (playing video games) and even took a night to beat Left4Dead co-op haha... finally I got so mad at Jr that I...more called his wife, who was also a good friend of mine.. she started laughing and told me not to tell Jr that I knew, but they got Langley too.. he wanted to surprise me when I finally got there lol... I was so happy! I didn't say anything, just hugged him when I saw him next.. but he knew I didn't hug often and said "Dammit! She told you, didn't she?" Hahah So we spent the next few years at the same next base. But then, I was getting out of the military first. He still had 2 more years to go. I stayed in Virginia for a little while after but eventually I had to go. That separation was seriously the hardest I ever had to go through. The three musketeers went down to two.. then it was just me. It's a few years later now since and I'm not sad about it anymore. The three of us are on different sides of the country, but are still very close and still have contact. Even though sometimes we do lose contact once and a while we always seem to find each other again. I know that was quite long and I didn't keep up with the game too much bc of the length lol.. but I promise I'll continue the game after this haha
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I didn't know you like chess. I used to be really good at it but I haven't played in years now. I know it's tough but you'll keep contact. It's easier than ever to keep in touch.
    • danielamann parent reply I really love anything that requires a lot of brain power to 'solve' per say. I am a huge fan of interlocking puzzles, rubiks cubes, strategy games, chess...anything like that! I like to push my brain to figure things out xD We will definitely keep in touch and now I have a good excuse to make a road trip down to California or something like that ;D It should be a blast! Thanks for the tip man! You're the best and I appreciate how you go out of your way to support myself and so many others here each and every day!
  • [ – ] USUandS reply It's tough having friends you knew growing up start to move away and begin their lives and careers; it's just something that's a part of life that everyone goes through. I remember in 1st/2nd grade was the first time I ever had someone close to me move away, but it was because of his parent's jobs and it was to another country. But I think like a lot of people have mentioned, it's now possible to keep in touch with these people. Hopefully he does well with his career and I wish nothing but easy thoughts for ya through a tough time like this Daniel.
    • danielamann parent reply Yeah it is tough! The really bad part about it for the two of us is that we are people that really are each others closest friend and other than that tend to get along with but aren't really close to anyone else. I don't know, it's weird! At least with the internet and phones it will be easy to keep in touch and I have an excuse to make a great road trip sometime ;D Cheers!
  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply We're pretty lucky to live in the age of the internet where we can keep in contact with people who live far away from us rather easily. Hopefully your friend finds much success in his new ventures
    • danielamann parent reply Absolutely!!! I am very thankful for the internet and cell phones and everything that is going to help us keep in touch and it even gives me a good excuse to jump on a road trip down to California or something down the road ;D Looking forward to that! He landed a great job and a great opportunity for his future so it will be worth it and I wish him nothing but the best!!! =D Thanks @mathphysicsnerd
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey, Daniel, it's a bummer you have to be separated from your pal like that. I guess you can call it the end of an era. We go through many endings and new beginnings as we age. Many people have come and gone in my life. Each change feels abrupt, but time smooths things out. We seem to have certain constants in our lives that act as our solid foundation in the world, giving us a sense of stability and confidence, and when one of those constants shifts, the foundation shifts and we feel a time of emotional sliding free fall. Eventually we reestablish our balance and we feel better. At least until the next major shift. The thing about change, it causes us to look at the world differently while we're re-balancing instead of relying on the patterns and expectations that we've built. A lot of new creativity and insights can come from this period of disruption. I wish you well in your journey through this process. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
    • danielamann parent reply This comment is wonderful. Thank you, this really helps me put it in a bit of perspective in the bigger picture of things and makes me feel better. I know this is a shorter response than normal, but simple and to the point feels right. Thank you again!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply I still hang out with friends that i have literally known for 13 years. That's really rare. However i do have friends who left my life and followed their own paths. Ofc thanks for social media, i can see how happy they are and what they do daily, but even with social media, it's not the same feelings. I really value friendships a lot because i don't have any relatives here, all my cousins are in their country, so i had only my family and friends that i consider as family. It sucks, but it's life. As long as you can see that he is doing well, that's good. And an occasional reunion and to catch up even if it's once a year, helps.
    • danielamann parent reply That is rare but it is awesome! Social media helps but it isn't the same as getting to go hang out together, and we tend to only put certain snippets of our lives on social media that may not always really represent what it is actually like. It makes it tough! I value friendships as well and am really going to miss him, but like you said we will catch up! I'll have to make a road trip one of these days or something!
  • [ – ] Sweetpotates reply I don't remember it too well but when I was 5 I moved from California to Michigan and left behind everyone I knew
    • danielamann parent reply Oh wow that would be so hard! Easier at 5 then like at 13 or something but still. I'm sorry!!! Do you like Michigan?
  • [ – ] ZacUlrichTV reply Great video Daniel! Sorry to hear your friend is moving but at least with the internet you'll be able to keep in touch
    • danielamann parent reply Yeah exactly! We won't lost touch but it does suck to be far apart! All will be good though! Thanks for stopping by friend =D Always love seeing you pop up on my videos!
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply i dont have to say goodbye to any friends because i never had any friends because of my face because ist the ugliest of its kind
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply It is quite sad when someone you're used to is no longer there (even if they're still alive and contactable). While it wasn't a friend there was a great neighbour we had who was friends with my Nan who was very good with computers, he even built the first PC I ever had (which is gone now). Sadly though crazy stuff happened in his personal life and he ended up moving somewhere and even Nan apparently finds it hard to get in contact with him made worse by the fact he was quite ill from what I heard. Lol at the random dude.
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Yeah it is sad, and I wasn't expecting it to hit me as hard as it did but it was a major bummer for me yesterday realizing the separation that's coming. We will definitely keep in touch though and have to make sure that nothing gets in the way of our friendship even though it is going to have to overcome some distance! Sounds like a good reason to go and make a road trip to me! Your story is sad and I really hope he gets better :/ That dude was a hoot ;D Thanks @SamEarl13 =D
      • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Yeah, I hope so too. Might as well tell you because its mind blowingly sad but he found out not long before he left that the wife he had for many years never put his name on the tenancy so he never owned the place and was effectively kicked out (but he was going to leave anyway).
        • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Wow...that's really unfortunate. Did it just come down to forgetting or never getting around to it? There's a good lesson to learn from that if so
          • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Worse, it was the sort of relationship where they both didn't like each other but lived together to look after the family (who are old enough that one has a kid themselves). He was purposely left off the tenancy specifically so she could keep the house and (almost) everything if anything happened. Some people sure are cruel.
            • danielamann parent reply Oh wow, that really is a sad thing to all have happened :/ I wouldn't wish a life like that upon anyone and it's just a sad story all around. I hope there are some positive lights out there for them somewhere
  • Fmily reply Did you die? Where did you go???
  • MooseyGeek reply Yes, being from SoCal, we call it NorCal.
  • Wolfer reply expand (possible spam) Next it will be your girlfriend MUHAHAHAHAHA JK man! Sorry for your loss, but good memories abound!
  • KotaTail reply You're lucky you saw your friend before he went away! When I had to move when I was in 7th grade, my bff was absent on my last day, by the time I was in 9th grade I moved near him again, but it took months before knowing he moved to a different state, and it made me so upset because we've been friends since 3rd grade (8 years) and we had the funniest times together. We Skype each other whenever we could, but the calls don't last long because we couldn't do anything like we used to.
  • scottwebb reply When they come home and visit it's all the more awesome.
  • JonThomas reply Your video locations look like where I live. Oregon.
  • PeterMcGuchan reply Its always sad when your best mate move away from you.. I'm turning 29, as you can't imagine.. I've seeing a few move away
  • Dos_Gaming reply Pffft! Who needs friends when you have death!
  • Xexor reply It's rough having to say goodbye to those you've known a long time, especially if you're as good of friends as you and Colton were. I was in the opposite position when I left my hometown: I was leaving for an opportunity and everyone else was left behind. About 3 months later the homesickness really hit me hard.
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