VEDA 29 - Swag Book Haul Leather and MORE BOOKS

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Cool purple hair clip! Teddy bears rule! Literally, apparently. I run into blocks doing my song creation and I have to step away for a bit, come back, swear a little, work some more, step back. You see my process. Religious difficulties? I gave up on religions. They provide a framework for a house that doesn't fit my needs. I'm looking for a mansion and all they give me is a hut. Rape is a terrible wounding. I'm sorry that you went through that! My wife did an exercise recently to rewrite the energetic story that was created during her similar ordeal. She imagined the person who did it standing before her and proceeded to lay into him, telling him loudly everything she thought about him and what he did. She didn't feel the shift immediately but weeks later she said the energy had changed and she didn't feel the same angst about the event. She'd healed emotionally. The leather animals are cute! The last time I worked with leather was in Middle School but I remember having fun with it....more It's great that you support your husband with his work! And that he supports you. You figured out how to remove blocks from your creative flow! I remember author Piers Anthony relating how he wrote. He would write every day on a set schedule. If he hit a block he would keep writing but not on the story directly. He might write about what was frustrating him about the story or he might switch to writing a different story and go back when it felt right. But he made himself write something. I thought that was interesting. I hope you don't give up! Writing sounds very therapeutic to you. I haven't read anything in a while as I was spending too much time on it (and I read kinda slow) and switched over to other pursuits, but I'm a lifelong reader. I wanted to be an author at one point but I have too many blocks. So I have a lot of respect for those who can and do succeed in some way with it. Keep following your dream and you'll get much from it!
    • crissymoss parent reply Holding onto a hurt like that, and thinking of yourself as a victim does nothing for you. There were a lot of things that happened to me in my childhood, and later as an adult, that would have scarred me and drowned me if I hadn't learned to let go and move beyond them. It is better to define yourself than to let the things that you could not control define you. Easier said than done, but it is possible, and I like to think I can help others get to that point.
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