Trump: NAFTA Will Be Renegotiated

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  • [ – ] valereth reply Trump said he would try to renegotiate it and, if he cannot come to an agreement that benefits the U.S., he will pull out. I have no problem with this. I do not like the Syria strike either, but, overall, I am fine with the job he has done as president
    • [ – ] MickiDaWop parent reply I didn't like the Syria strike either, but I really like razorfist's take on it, he discussed the ancillary benefits of the strike that sort of mitigated his dislike of the strike, he poked a finger in Putin's eye, which completely emasculated the press' narrative on the collusion crap they kept trying to push and it got Kim Jung Un shitting in his pants. So, I wish he would have waited to see if more solid info came in, but I don't have the info he has. I don't think we're sending soldiers in though.
  • [ – ] IwantFOOD reply im eating a banana
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