Bill Cooper Exposing Alex Jones Disinformation Agent (2 of 2)

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  • Haz3l reply Expose the lies
  • [ – ] Haz3l reply You know he does do retractions when he's wrong about something. And does do a lot of research before he broadcasts because of the mistakes in the past. Instead of exposing and smearing someone who admits they dont always get it right, why dont you begin exposing the MSM? They blatantly LIE and call it truth. Watch Mark Dices videos sometime. Alex Jones is one in an ocean full. At least he's trying to expose the truth.
    • Raynor9899 parent reply At least Bill tried and did it very good Alex and Dice are the controlloed opposition. You want attetioin?How was your childhood?In case you are troll.I watched Alex for while but i regeret not whatced Bill early on.Alex got a budget from someone just like Ickle got some cameras sunddely.Sureee they tell some truth but not all.Ask Alex about kingts of malte or the knights templar you will get banned from Alex Jones sites.But, i did not say anything you don't need to beilive e concice yourselves.I'am not here to concvince anyone!!
  • Haz3l reply Wth is this? Cut up, out of context, and is actual disinformaton. I'm sure this comment will get deleted. Media matters is David Brock, paid opposition, gone broke, smear campaign. This is fake news.
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