"IT JUST HAD TO BE BUGS" | Resident Evil 7 | Part 5

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  • [ – ] Comander-O reply Well with your reaction to the bugs was entertaining enough to not be too creeped out by the bugs for me. Also is their any limitation on the games to recommend for you to play since it would be bad to ask you to play something you can't play or isn't your type of game to enjoy.
    • Razberry parent reply Honestly there isn't anything I wouldn't play for the channel except for RTS or anything of the like. That's something that I prefer more for free time. The only other limitation would be the actual expenses of some of these games since I don't have a job to afford them currently. It would be a slow process to collect these games, but I'm certain I'll make good use of a lot of the games I already have, including the original Outlast, which I hadn't finished my let's play on Youtube for. I'm considering restarting it honestly because it's honestly a really good game.
  • [ – ] Nightwulf29 reply Loved this game. Great gameplay!
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