Kathy Griffin Stages Mock Assassination of President Trump, CNN Shrugs

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  • CryptoAndMarkets reply What's so ironic about the democrats is they're funded by Goethe Soros. A man who sent Jewish people to Auschwitz from Hungary and collaborated with the Nazis
  • [ – ] AmandaAnderson_1 reply No I remember how Obama, in Hitler style, made it illegal to criticize the president and his choices. In fact there were commercials stating if you hear or see anything then you could call this number that was a direct line to Washington D.C. You know so you can spy on and tell on your neighbor or anyone on the internet. Doesn't that bring us all back to the 1940s. AH, good old communism. But now people are even calling for the rape of Melania under the amendment of free speech. Wonder how this would go over if it was Michelle? Yeah we know how it would go over. Since when does the president get to tell people what they can say and what they can't? He can't. The president doesn't have any of this power. Yet we just let it happen. How lazy we have become.
    • AmandaAnderson_1 parent reply As for Anthony, he has already invested in the messing up of his son. because as soon as that kid is old enough to be embarrassed by his parents people are going to show this kid the snapshot Anthony took of his boner while his baby son was next to him. Then the kid is going to find out it was sent to a teenage girl and the kid is either going to kill himself or go off the reservation with severe mental illness.
  • CorpseDragon reply iTS JuSt A prUrAnK BrO
  • cavibird2005 reply They finally canned Griffin. CNN that is.
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