SJWs & Me: Charlottesville, Free Speech, Nazis & Genuine Curiosity

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  • [ – ] MaxBoivin reply I think a big part of the problem is that some people got so sick to always be called racist that they just said "alright, fuck it, I'm racist" and once they "accept" this they tend to slip deeper into racism. Also, I remember the first time I heard about Richard Spencer was when he got sucker punched on camera. I knew nothing of him but everybody was calling him a Nazi and I was just "well, I lot of people I like are being called Nazis so, this Spencer guy might be alright". This lasted until I heard him explain what he believes in... Finally, I think the main problem with National-Socialist is not the fact that they are nationalist (despite what the left thinks, this is better than being globalist), it's not even the fact that they are racist.... the worst part is that they are socialists. If a racist dude respects the NAP, alright, I don't care. When racists want to have the stare controls mostly everything, that is a problem. Congratulations on moving to too.
    • sydroc parent reply That first paragraph is something I've had on my mind for a while and can't wait to address in this series. And yeah you can still abide by the NAP and be a bigoted dick. From there it becomes an issue of freedom of association. The market tends to punish bigotry.
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