08-21-17 Monday Morning Morons

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  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply That was very well said. I have been thinking many of the same things myself (the general points, not the US-centric ones given that I'm not American, and so have no knowledge). I was thinking of mentioning the cross of St Andrew (the Scottish flag) before you brought up the union flag (it is only a Jack when flown on a ship). But they hate the British for starting slavery (which we didn't) and think we were terrible racists (which we weren't, in general). But ignore that we ended slavery, supported the Union against the Confederacy (at least the cotton workers in the north of England). But facts and historical knowledge are irrelevant to these people. For as you say, all they want is power. In fact, rather than oppose the systems they decry, that don't exist, they actually want to create them with them on top. Thus the demonisation of white people. You cannot subjugate someone until you have dehumanised them first. The evidence? Going out in front of a classroom and being o...morepenly racist against a demographic, and getting away with it. We need a snappy response to anyone who accuses others of some fault, but claims that they can't do it. Because it is toxic in the extreme. That "ooh, I can't be racist, because melanin" or "I can't be sexist because vagina" has to stop. Now.
    • [ – ] CountDibbula parent reply Yeah, I tend to be US-centric because it's what I know best. I try to stay informed about Britain and Europe and the rest of the world in general, but it's largely from other YouTubers over there. Anything more than a general sense of things over there or REALLY outlandish shit, I tend to leave to those with a better understanding of European politics. I'm certainly no expert on it. American media tends to be extremely US-centric, so the rest of the world doesn't feature prominently in our media narratives. (Big surprise) Outside of tragedies which of course gets them the views and makes them money. Internal politics and the nuances of other country's systems and things of that nature are a bit harder to find here. They just don't talk about it much, if at all. Even "International News" tends to be more "how does this affect the US?" kind of stories. It's kind of annoying actually. Our "journalists" suck. I actually didn't know that about the Union Jack. I thought it was just a nick...morename like "Old Glory." So thanks for that. Learned something. And yes, absolutely! History has no meaning to these idiots. Probably explains why they're so intent on destroying it. THEY don't understand it, so rather than spend the time or effort to learn anything, just get rid of it so no one can point out where they're dead wrong. Like good little IngSoc Party members, they truly are just useful idiots.
      • [ – ] JonTheBemused parent reply I assure you that our media are no better. After each tragedy, such as the Barcelona attack, all they care about is reporting on how many British people were affected, as if they are somehow more important than everyone else! And these are the hypocrites who then push their regressive narrative the rest of the time. I'm a firm believer in staying out of the affairs of others. I might make an observations about the US, but I'd never want to tell you guys what you should do. It's absolutely none of my business. And what we hear is so far from the truth, let alone the broader picture, that it is so good to hear from you guys keeping us informed. By the way, what happened to Bob? 😉
        • [ – ] CountDibbula parent reply Ha....Bob's still around. He wasn't much help on this one though. As I said before: He's kind of lazy. LOL And yes! That's exactly what the US media does. "There was one American killed in the Barcelona attacks..." OH! Well, holy shit! NOW it's a problem we should be concerned with. Fuck all the rest of those people. They don't matter, but that one American?! That's it! Bomb the world!!!! It's ridiculous. I guess if there hadn't been any, then we just wouldn't bother reporting about it at all unless there was some way they could blame Trump for it of course.
          • JonTheBemused parent reply Blame Trump? I'm sure there are people working on it. And by the end of the 4 years, I'm sure every evil ever perpetrated, by anyone, anywhere, will be his fault. Then they can have their 2 minute hate. If they can call Gad Saad and that Indian Senator who spoke at Boston, white supremacists and Nazis, then there is no amount of reality that can impinge on their distortions.
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