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  • [ – ] Drwetness reply All who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it
  • Castielthesexyspacechicken reply They are just so damn dumb
  • ClimatePonziLie reply When will ANTIFA remove the logo of the CNN the Communist New Network, it's ratings are so low it's not even main stream media anymore. CNN is shameful, as it has inspired terrorist acts, it supports the acts of violence on Trump supporters, CNN is shameful, Shame, Shame, Shame! Shame on you CNN your a symbol of oppression and hate and of the far, far, left, a symbol that should have the Mayor of every city where your NAZI like hate symbol stands removed. CNN symbol is what ANTIFA rallies to. ANTIFA is Shame, Shame, Shame ! Sharia Law is Wrong Think, ANTIFA is Wrong Think, Communism is Wrong Think. CNN is Wrong Think !!!!
  • JohnThe4th reply Long time youtube fan of yours. Good to see you here. Thank you for your content is my new favorite video site.
  • PeninaChan reply The Alt Left will try Desperately hard though to remove what they demeem unfit for society, not matter if it's bad, or good. And it saddens me greatly that for having the most access to resources in human history to learn and research, these people are as ignorant as ever. That, or they are willfully rebellious to deny everything except there 5 minutes of throwing a tantrum. Seriously, how did it get to this point?
  • [ – ] Cottonball reply There was one here in Houston this weekend at Herman Park where there was a protest over a confederate hero statue. A guy, 25 years old, got arrested, he was trying to blow it up. He tried to drink the nitroglycerin but cops got to him first. They found on him wires and a box with a white powder in it. They raided his mommy and daddy's home and found a shit load of bomb material. He had previously had bomb charges about 5 years ago but got probation. He now had federal charges. A lot of people would have gotten hurt if he succeeded.
  • amongHpigeons reply First time watching a Vidme video! Fuck YouTube. They emailed me to tell me they deleted one of my playlists - ISIS is Islam Personified (named after the AIU video I saved therein). Threatened to terminate my account if I continued to break their rules. Pfft. Wish all my faves posted on Vidme so I can leave YouTube altogether.
  • Camer0nm93 reply Its the way the nazi's did, its what the iconoclasts did when will people learn??
  • ApathicBSC reply Left wing... Right wing... What happened to just saying "human"?
  • Texastom reply great video,as usual. i'm waiting for them to call for the removal of the Abraham Lincoln memorial B/C he was president when slavery was still happening. completely ignoring the fact that he was instrumental in the abolishment of slavery in the US,
  • jj27 reply Stupid people that are scared of history and science. Just because you take it down does not stop it happening it's history it's already happened
  • IronJockel reply Antifa and the left are vandalizing a moment for dead germans for over a decade right around my corner. This kind of behavior is nothing new for the left.
  • AlexHimawari reply I don't even care if these statues are historical, if they represent something good or bad, they are still ART! You don't destroy irreplaceable works of art because you don't like them! You must be severally uneducated to do something like this.
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